L.C.M. Italia, established in 1986, is a fast-growing Company specialized in the design and production of API 6D and API 6A Trunnion Mounted Ball valves for Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pipeline, natural Gas and water industries, off-shore and in-shore plants.

The production range includes: Side-entry, Top-entry, Fully Welded Body, Double Block & Bleed, Three Ways.

L.C.M. Italia’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services that meet customer’s needs. The Company is engaged in the research of technical innovations to the standard production range. This is achieved by means of the latest computerized design systems and the testing of each solution to any problem of valve employment.

OGS FLEXFLOW EUROPE S.r.l., a Company managed by the Moscow Group OIL AND GAS SYSTEMS (www.oilgassystems.com), announces today that it has formalized the acquisition of L.C.M. Italia S.p.A. on July 1st, 2013.
OGS FLEXFLOW EUROPE S.r.l. and the shareholders of L.C.M. Italia S.p.A. have been assisted during the transaction respectively by the Law Firms Pavesi Gitti Verzoni and Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato, who have attended the Parties during the negotiation and the formalization of the agreement.
As to the financial aspects OGS FFE and the shareholders of L.C.M. Italia have been assisted respectively by the Deloitte M&A Team and the Gladiosi Accounting Firm.
L.C.M. Italia S.p.a. was established in 1986 and is a leading Company in the design and production of ball valves for the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, on-shore, off-shore, power plants, market segments.
The Oil and Gas Systems Group combines the production capacities of the largest Russian manufacturers such as Tyazhpromarmatura JSC and Elektrotyazhmash-Privod LLC, to service and engineering Companies.
Supported by the Oil and Gas Systems multinational context, L.C.M. Italia prepares to win new challenges on the world markets.

- Download announcement (pdf, english)
- Scarica comunicato (pdf, italiano)


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