The commitment of LCM is to constantly devel- op and produce a new and better Isolation Ball Valve designed to meet the most stringent and severe requirements in the Oil & Gas Industry. R & D is a focal point to ensure our Customers the most updated design and technologies.

Engineering Criteria

  • The Oil & Gas market nowadays explores fields with increasingly demanding service conditions (higher pressure/temperatures, risen H2S and CO2 contents, deeper waters, etc.). In addition new assets are requested to produce more, both in terms of capacity and efficiency and with increased reliability.

  • In this scenario Valve Manufacturers are required to challenge the industry limits in terms of size, pressure rating, materials, cladding, etc..

  • Since LCM designs and engineers all of its products in-house, we can provide the ultimate in terms of engineering support, response time and flexibility both in the FEED and in the procurement stages.

  • Since when the Company was founded, a full time Engineering Department has been established to either develop new product lines or modify existing products to incorpo- rate market demands and meet Customer specifications.