We trust in Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork orientation, i.e. in “QUALITY AT 360 DEGREES”

This means that LCM combines the TOTAL QUALITY fundamental values with the approach of the entrepreneurial values of creativity, inno- vation, evolution and diversification, in order to develop a renewed competitive advantage.

This is a must for LCM in order to keep our- selves riding high, while taking into account our global competitors on the western side with their innovative technology, and the East side with low labor cost and reduced delivery times.

QUALITY is the culture to be studied and im- plemented throughout all processes in order to factually guarantee the desired results.

QUALITY is a belief throughout the organiza- tion and the people who are part of it, that can guarantee TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE in terms of how to deal with Customers, how to provide the information (effectively and efficiently), how to monitor the working process, how to translate words into deeds through rigorous procedures and methodologies.

Our QUALITY concept is spread out to all the LCM Sub-suppliers, and LCM is investing a sub- stantial amount of time to monitor each of them, in order to ensure that our notion of QUALITY is in place.