LCM operates using “QuiQuadra” ERP Software Application Solution

The Production Dept. is responsible for the efficient management of the information related to the processing of the raw material in finished product.

One of the basic information is relative to the structure of the product and the production cycle.

Recent developments in technology, as well as on the marketplace, made it necessary to offer the Customer an opportunity to personalize every solution.

The management of configurability has a strong impact on the information structure of the product, essential to the production system, and this complexity is handled through the use of technical / commercial configurators.

In order to compete on the marketplace, the Manufacturing Companies must be increasingly focused on two seemingly conflicting goals :

  1. Increase the level of service to the Customer
  2. Contain the production costs

To achieve the former, the manufacturing com- pany shall have to manage the ever-increasing product complexity due to the configurability, decreasing at the same time its response times and raising the quality of its products.

These goals could be centered by elevating both its existing resources and the available stocks of material.

Such a choice is clearly in sharp contrast with the need to reduce the costs.

However, the use of appropriate management tools permits to center the second objective of maintaining unaltered the resources and materi- als, but improving the efficiency and the effec- tiveness of their use.

L.C.M. Italia operates using “Forecast“ Module Application Solution by LCM

Forecast” is an additional module, integrated into QQ by LCM, for the monitoring and upgrading of each stage relative to any line-item of an internal work order and/or a post order by our Clients.

At any time LCM knows the current status of any item and of any order.

Moreover, it is a comprehensive module as to the documentation status (i.e.: BOM, Planning, ITP, Commercial drawing, etc.), and it sends an alert to any internal department when a docu- ment needs to be improved.

“Forecast” is also integrated with the routine maintenance of all devices and equipment locat- ed in LCM.

Indeed, it is set to send an e-mail to the main- tenance technician directly concerned, and one indoor to the employee involved.