The mission of LCM Sales Team is to provide Excellence to the Customer by presenting a tech- nical quotation of our products meeting Clients’ expectations in the most comprehensive way.

Simultaneously, the commercial quotation of our products is generated according to the specific technical requirements, more competitively providing besides high QUALITY products in perspective.

Our Sales Team also has a technical background, thus allowing all single Members to assist our Customers during the technical enquiry review for any clarifications required.

Our Sales Team has a 360° vision as it is in- volved in the process since the very beginning, from the presentation of the Company to Cus- tomers throughout the delivery of the product and beyond, until the completion of the payment process.

Our Sales Team is well aware of our Customers’ expectations and of its important role in support- ing the Contracts Management Dept., in order to earn the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as the ultimate aim of the LCM Company.